6-Week Entrepreneurship Course
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6-Week Entrepreneurship Course

Create a solid foundation for success by acquiring valuable tools and benefitting from professional feedback on this 6-week intensive entrepreneurship course that will take you through all the steps required to ensure you enjoy a successful start-up.

Aim of the Course

The course aims to convert your ideas into a tangible strategic business plan that will allow you to see the whole picture, give you a degree of reassurance and enable you to take action. You’ll also be able to put the final details into place, thus making it possible for you to better prioritize your time, resources and tasks for optimal results.


Entrepreneurship and innovation, business idea and product, idea and product development, business plan, copyright, VAT and tax regulations, financing and economics, pricing, sales, service and customer relations, being an entrepreneur, marketing, social media, branding and visual identity.

Professional Network

You’ll get an opportunity to expand your network and share your expe- riences with other entrepreneurs, as well as our professional counsel- lors and teachers.

• Concept, motivation og courage
• Goals and plans
• Finances and economics
• Sales and marketing
• Social media
• Reflection og adaptation
• Strategy and legal issues
• Counselling and sparring
• Presentation of your business plan

Homework is optional. You’ll receive assignments that provide inspiration and you’ll be able to get individual and ongoing feedback on your business idea during the course.

Who Can Participate?

The course is open to anyone with an initial business idea looking to get a greater perspective on their ideas and options. If you’re unemployed, you’ll need to have your course attendance ap- proved by your unemployment insurance fund/job centre.

For further information, please contact Jette Rasmussen at: jr@infolinkkurser.dk or phone: +45 70 200 903.